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About us

Post: 25/07/2016 16:42

Cut The Crab started out from many many years of home cooking for friends and family, cooking from love and evolving into the meticulous and daring permutations of different seasonings and spices. The culinary science of experiment and intuition results in a fusion of the most uniquely tantalizing flavour combinations known to human. We start with Cut The Crab truly Asian Cajun mix authentic sauce call “Luxabu”. Then we add fresh crustaceans from our exclusive local seafood distributer and finally we ship native Louisiana crawfish...the best crawdads ever harvested and handpicked. From sea to pot these crustaceans are brewed in a finely balanced system of timers, boil, and mixture of hot, spicy, sweet and sour that makes it all possible for you and your tastebuds to enjoy each pleasurable explosion in your mouth from the first bite down to the last bite. This culinary perfection is sure to please the most discerning palate.

We think that eating should be an experience and we are always looking to enhance that experience by bringing in fresh seasonal seafood and a " mélange" of spices, aromatics and fruits from all cultures. A cornucopia of fresheness and wholesome goodness... Soulful food that taste good, looks good and is good for you, definitely food for the soul! We are ecstatic to be bringing the Cajun revolution to